The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Food)

2de22f20e4c46f66e0f66da311deb491Since before I can remember Christmas has always been my absolute favorite. From the decorations, lights, music and happiness that seems to be going around (okay I get it, it’s finals week but like let’s not think about it), I love it all. But one of my favorite things about this wonderful time is the food! Omg, yes, the food! For those of you who enjoy cooking (can’t relate but this is the time that I normally make my debut as a Gordon Ramsey wanna-be), I decided to do some Pinterest scouting and jot down a list of yummy treats for Christmas (and the links to the recipes), because I want to make your Christmas season even more holly and jolly (and I really don’t want to study for my Spanish final):


  1. Peppermint Oreo Truffles (Pictured above- don’t these just scream eat them all in one sitting and don’t tell anyone else????)
  2. Easy Rudolph Brownies
  3. Sparkling Cranberry Cider
  4. M&M’s Christmas Cookie Bars 

grinch-cookies5. Crinkly, Cranky, Grinch Cookies (Pictured above- seriously the name just makes me want to make them)

6. Microwave Hot Chocolate Fudge

7. Christmas Cookie Dip

8. And my final recipe is a recipe for yourself: to remember to fill yourself with kindness and thankfulness during this season, to remember to spread your time among your family and friends, and to whip out your rocking baking skills and blow your family away (just don’t mistake water for milk or light a waffle iron on fire like I did)! And lastly, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



“The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!” –Buddy the Elf

…and that is what is going on in Lindley’s Life.


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