Living For You

Wow, it has been awhile. When I came back to school, I knew I would take a break from blogging, but I never expected the time to fly by as fast as it has. So very much has happened in the past few months since I’ve taken a break from sharing my thoughts on Lindley’s Life, and many of these events have been very beneficial to me. They’ve opened my eyes and helped me realize things I needed to realize.

February 20, 2018

When you begin a new semester, it normally feels like a fresh start. All the stress of the previous semester is gone, the friends you’ve been without for the past month are back and with a new year you can bring out your new self, right? Wrong. All of winter break I worked, barely getting time off for myself. Not that I necessarily need a break, because normally I can handle a lot, but still. It’d be nice. Friendships that I was more than excited to come back to did not seem to be as natural as I figured they would be. I realized I was having to try so much harder to keep friendships a float, instead of just realizing sometimes you have to let them fall. 


This was when I realized that I need to stop living my life for other people. I need to stop putting how other people feel about me above how I feel about myself. The effort I put towards this I needed to channel to something more beneficial. And that’s exactly what I have done. Since then I have further strengthened my writing, schoolwork, and friendships that I don’t need to try to keep. I have become closer with my family, specifically my siblings. I have become genuinely happy, and that’s more than I could ever hope for. So, if you are one of the people who puts others happiness above their own, I highly recommend you reevaluate the situation. Because in the end, it is your happiness that matters the most

…and that is what is going on in Lindley’s Life. 


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