About five minutes ago I searched on Pinterest “quotes to live by”, and the above quote was one of the results. It really stuck out to me, not because the typography is really cool (although it is and type is my life rn, thanks J300!) but because of what the quote is saying. “Live for the days you can’t put into words.” The days that you remember like it was yesterday. The days that you think about and can’t help but smile. The days that, when you think of them, you feel the same way you felt when they happened. Genuinely happy, loved, fulfilled. Recently I have been extremely stressed out. It had gotten to the point where any tiny thing would absolutely destroy me, and it did. I lost it on Tuesday because I found out iHop stopped celebrating International Pancake Day at 7 and it was 8:30. Was I even planning on going to iHop? No, but if there was some small chance I wanted to go and now was unable to was my breaking point. Then, yesterday I had one of the moments that fit the quote above, a moment I can’t even put into words. A moment that feels so real and genuine and makes you feel life can’t get any better. And all that stress seemed completely useless because it wasn’t the end of the world. So to anyone suffering from the stress of midterms or relationships or work or anything, stop and think about the moments you’re living for. The moments you can’t even put into words. Because, trust me, it’s all worth it in the end.

…and that’s what is going on in Lindley’s Life.


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