5 Formal Dresses Under $30

It is officially formal szn ladies!!! And I am so very excited about it! Amidst the spray tans, nail appointments, and finding a date, the search for a dress (especially with the struggle of a college budget) can be tricky. Well look no more because I did all the dirty work with you with 10 formal dresses I found for under $30!



Okay first dress is slightly biased because I actually ordered it for one of the formals I’m going to. But I mean look at it, it’s adorable and $28 when it was originally $72 if you use the code “OOTD”. And after actually buying it and trying it on it is one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever owned and I cannot wait to wear it paired with neutral suede ankle strap heels and gold hoop earrings. 

Tobi After Dark White Lace Bodycon Dress


Playing dress up begins at age five

and never truly ends

-Kate Spade

Although it’s literally snowing in April, you can still bring spring feels to your formal in this cute striped and floral midi dress. Pair it with some ankle strap blush heels, cat eye sunglasses and gold hoop earrings and you’ll be ready for any day-time formal.

Forever21 Striped Floral Midi Dress


I wore a dress similar to this one for the previous formal I attended, paired with nude suede ankle strap heels and long, dangly gold earrings. The light pink is cute, but the body con fit of it makes it more formal. And, I mean, the dress is only $15!

Oh So Sweet Rose Bodycon Dress


I’m a big fan of midi dresses, but have yet to wear one. I think my first time I do will be something like this, where you can dress it up or down and it still looks great. 

Floral Surprise Maxi Dress 0

This dress is a lot different because it’s a romper and a dress, so it’s definitely fun and probably a lot more comfortable than a traditional dress. Since it shows off your shoes, I’d pair it with some cute lace up heels. 

Floral Maxi Skort Romper



“It’s not about

the dress you

wear, but the

life you lead in

the dress.”

-Diana Vreeland

… and that’s what’s going on in Lindley’s Life



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