Everything You Need for a Perfect Girls’ Night

One of my absolute favorite things to do is put on comfy PJs, pour a glass of wine, turn on a great rom-com, and join my girl gang for a GIRLS’ NIGHT! However, sometimes it’s hard to really know what you need. Well worry no longer because I have gathered everything you need for the perfect girls’ night where you’ll definitely be the hostess with the most-ess.

What’s a girls’ night without wine? These wine glasses are perfect, being completely shatter resistant but still look classy. Plus they’re on sale!

Snacks are a necessity for a girls’ night. Try stepping up the usual ice cream and hot Cheetos with a charcuterie plate of summer sausage, an array of cheeses and some fruit.

Eventually you’ll end up falling asleep at your girl friend’s house (or vice versa), so showing up in your PJ’s is just one less thing you have to do. Still keep your cool with these cute PJ’s that are perfect for summer with floral prints!

Shop the candle here!

No one likes a bad-smelling apartment, so make sure to light a few candles for both the ambiance and the yummy “volcano” smell of this candle!

Have a fun beauty session by doing each others nails or hair! It may sound like something that would happen at a middle school slumber party, but it can actually be fun! This pretty colored nail polish and curling iron will make everyone into a beauty guru.

Whether you are watching your favorite movie or sitting around talking, you have to have a comfy seat. The more the blankets and pillows the better! These pillows are both cute and comfy, and the blanket is perfect for summer nights!

Shop the camera here!

Pictures are a perfect way to save the memories, and what’s cooler than a Polaroid? With it printing instantly, you can keep the pictures forever to remind you of the great girls night you had!

All of these pieces will definitely make a girls night with memories that will last a lifetime! In a few months I will be moving in with my very best friends, and I’m pretty sure every night will be this kind of night for us. The great part is a lot of these items we already have, so it’s super easy! Hope you all love these tips and are able to have a great girls night!

…And that’s what’s going on in Lindley’s Life.

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