My Fave Products of 2017

Before I begin, I just want to say to look at the beautiful pic above! My amazing friend was my tour guide for this past week, showing me and two of our friends the most beautiful sights of Minnesota. I love you, Mon, and hope you have an amazing time in Italy this next semester.

Okay, now it’s blog time. And I am so. ready. for. this. One thing I absolutely love is exploring different products. I rarely use the same brand back-to-back, but this year I used a lot of things that will definitely be continued in 2018. Now, as I’m listening to Spotify’s “Hit Rewind” playlist (10/10 do recommend for same great throwback’s of the last few years- I mean I’m listening to Fireflies right now so if that doesn’t convince you I’m not sure what will), I’m ready to dive into this.

  1. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+                                                 I don’t like to wear a heavy amount of make-up, especially during the summer, and this CC cream was perfect for that! The coverage is just enough where blemishes are covered, but you can still see my freckles, and the scent of the cream is AMAZING!
  2. Bath & Body Works Sweet Magnolia & Clementine Body Lotion                                       I’ve used this lotion since summertime, because it is a summer scent, but I loved it so much I’m still using it! Unfortunately, the scent has expired (or it’s just gone away on vacation and will come back next summer I’m praying), but you can get it on Bonanza!
  3. ColorProof TruCurl Curl Perfecting Creme                                                                              Coming across a really good hair product for curly hair is like coming across a unicorn. It doesn’t happen, like, ever. Whether it’s the scent, texture, hold, or whatever something is always off. But not this hair product- it’s become my absolute favorite. It’s so easy to use, gives my hair a soft curl that looks like I barely even tried, and leaves it smelling amazing.
  4. Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer                                                                                   I’ve been using the mini version of this bronzer since the beginning of last year almost every day and it doesn’t even seem like I’m missing any of it.  This bronzer is easily blended, and comes with a handy little brush to do so!
  5. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral                                                                  This blush is a pretty pink shade, and easily goes on because you can use your fingers to apply it. And plus it doesn’t break the bank!
  6. Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Volum’ Express Mascara                                                I have the tiniest eyelashes to ever exist, which is why I love this mascara so much. You can apply it multiple times for a more dramatic look, or just swipe it on once for an everyday look. Either way, it makes your lashes look great without being clumpy.
  7. Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Basics                                                                                      When it comes to eyeshadow for me, the basic the better. That’s why I love this mini version of the Naked eyeshadow palette. It has all of my favorite matte shadows, ranging from a cream to a black.
  8. Tinkle Razors                                                                                                                                These tiny razors are the best! I use them on my face and it helps tremendously. For the six week stretch between getting waxed, these are great for keeping my eyebrows and the rest of my face in check (I refuse to pluck my eyebrows). They help my face feel smoother and my make-up go on better, and won’t cut your skin like a normal razor would.
  9. Rabbit Cake by Annie Hartnett                                                                                                  I just finished this book a few weeks ago, and it was my favorite book I’d read this year (besides the loads of Shakespeare  and mystery novels I also read- yay English 328 and 332). The whole story is a little fascinating and a little morbid, the narrator being a 11-year-old girl whose mother has recently passed due to a sleepwalking incident where she drowned herself. Despite the depressing circumstances, the book is a very good read!
  10. Kate Spade Jackson Street Harlyn                                                                                             This year I have become obsessed with Kate Spade, from their funky designs to pretty pastels, and this light pink cross body was my favorite bag I used all year. It’s the perfect spring and summer bag, but I love it so much I recently dug it out for my Minnesota trip. Unfortunately, they do not carry the color I have, so I attached the link to the bag that currently comes in other colors (I’m eyeing the black hardcore). 
  11. Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions Merry Berry Christmas Shower Gel                  This shower gel rocks. It’s Christmas scented, but I actually used it during the summer after finding it in the closet, smelling it, and then irresistibly using it. It does have a Christmas smell, but is not so powerful that you can’t use it in the summer (kinda like I did) because of the fruity smell it also contains.
  12. Room Essentials Clip Lamp                                                                                                        I love to read in bed, but because I have three roommates that can be difficult because of lighting. That is until I got this handy lamp. It clips onto your bed, so you can adjust it however is needed without bothering any of your other roommates!
  13. Unicorn Wall Decor                                                                                                                      I absolutely loves unicorns, and anything with a unicorn on it, so whenever I would take trips to Target I would almost always be excited to find a decorative piece with a unicorn on it (probably meant for a small child’s room but whatever). My favorite piece I’ve gotten is very similar to the picture linked above (honestly I wasn’t sure how to even begin describing it so I figured it was better just to show you). That tiny banner hanging above my desk makes me smile every time I look at it. 
  14. Steve Madden Aviator Sunglasses                                                                                            I couldn’t find my exact pair of these sunglasses I have, but these are fairly similar to what I have. These sunglasses are champs. I’m pretty tough on my sunglasses- not purposely of course, I just have really bad luck and am a little clumsy at times, but these ones have stood strong through a large majority of the year. Despite the slight crookedness and small sliver missing in the top left lens, these sunglasses are my favorite. 

That is all of my favorites for the year of 2017. What a year it was, both for the good and bad, and I am so glad that it was the year that it was. 

…And that’s what’s going on in Lindley’s Life!

“New year, new feels, new chances. Same dreams, fresh starts.”




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